Olive Court 2



Olive Court 2, a habitat intertwined with nature in Yeniboğaziçi.

The Olive Court Project is able to wink at the Mediterranean. Yeniboğaziçi was built on an uneven terrain closely connected with the forests of Salamis. The concept of the project is unique and always designed with the natural spirit in mind. In this project, which will accommodate different lifestyles and which I consider a large-scale intervention, architectural masses were connected in the form of horizontal platforms to ensure continuity and integrity. The common areas were again designed with long pools and green spaces that develop horizontally to connect all the living masses. With its new and ambitious contemporary approaches to Mediterranean architecture, the concepts of privacy and socialization have been skillfully adapted in the project, which has been planned and designed in detail taking into account all local and environmental values.



  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • Air conditioner
  • Cafe/Bar
  • Generator
  • Green areas
  • Hot water system
  • Swimming pool

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