The Architecture of Northern Cyprus – A Mixture of Historical Treasures and Modern Buildings

16. May 2023

The unique architecture of Cyprus: a journey through the historical and modern treasures of the island

Northern Cyprus is a beautiful region in the Eastern Mediterranean, rich in culture and history. The region is known for its impressive architecture, which is a mixture of historical treasures and modern buildings. In this article we will take a deep look into the architecture of Northern Cyprus and look at some of the main architectural landmarks and features.

Historical architecture
Northern Cyprus has a long and rich history dating back to ancient times. During this time, many civilizations have occupied the region and left their mark in the form of architecture. Most of these buildings were built of stone and have been preserved until today.

One of the most famous historical monuments in North Cyprus is Bellapais Monastery, also known as Bellapais Abbey. This monastery was built in the 13th century by Augustinian canons and is known for its Gothic architecture and beautiful gardens. The monastery has been restored several times over the years and is now a popular tourist destination.

Another historical building worth visiting is the castle of St. Hilarion. This castle was built in the 10th century and is famous for its spectacular location on a hill. The castle has been conquered by various civilizations over the years and has been restored in recent centuries to restore its original splendor.

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Modern architecture
In addition to the historic architecture, North Cyprus also has a growing number of modern buildings that are changing the skyline of the region. These modern buildings have been constructed in recent years mainly in the larger cities such as Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta.

An example of modern architecture in Northern Cyprus is the new stadium in Nicosia. This stadium was opened in 2019 and is the largest stadium in North Cyprus. It has a capacity of 23,000 seats and was built with the latest technology to meet the requirements of international sporting events.

Another example of modern architecture is the new city center in Kyrenia. The center has been completely rebuilt in recent years and features a variety of modern buildings and facilities, including a shopping mall, a movie theater and a new city hall. These modern buildings give the city a new face and contribute to the economic development of the region.

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Traditional architecture
Another important feature of the architecture of Northern Cyprus is the Traditional Architecture, which has developed over the centuries and can still be found in many villages and towns. The traditional architecture of Northern Cyprus is mainly influenced by the Ottoman and Cypriot cultures.

A good example of traditional architecture in Northern Cyprus are the old houses in the villages of Karmi and Bellapais. These houses were built mainly of natural stone and have flat roofs to protect against the hot summer heat. They also have typical features such as open courtyards that serve as places for community and gathering.

Ottoman architecture can also be seen in many buildings in Northern Cyprus, especially in the old town of Nicosia. Ottoman buildings typically have courtyards and balconies facing the street. A good example of Ottoman architecture in Nicosia is the Büyük Han, a historic caravanserai built in the 16th century.

Cypriot architecture is characterized by its simple and functional construction. Most Cypriot houses are built of natural stone and have flat roofs to protect against the hot summer heat. An example of Cypriot architecture in Northern Cyprus is the house of Fazıl Küçük, the first vice president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The house was built in the 1940s and is a typical example of Cypriot architecture.

Overall, the architecture of Northern Cyprus offers a mix of historical treasures, modern buildings and traditional houses. The historical buildings such as Bellapais Monastery and St. Hilarion Castle are a must for any visitor interested in architecture and history. The modern buildings in the larger cities such as Nicosia and Kyrenia are a sign of the economic development of the region and offer an exciting perspective on the future of Northern Cyprus. The traditional houses in the villages and towns show how the architecture has evolved over the centuries and offer a glimpse into the way of life and culture of the locals.

Overall, the architecture of Northern Cyprus offers a fascinating insight into the history, culture and way of life of the region. From the historical treasures to the modern buildings, there is something for every architecture lover to discover.


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